We wish to thank you for your help in securing our lovely property. We feel very lucky whenever we are here. Although it took a while before the right property became available, we appreciate your patience in staying with us during the long search process and never pressuring us to make a purchase which did not meet our exacting standards. Thank you also for your expertise in helping us to become the successful purchasers despite stiff competition.

Peter & Susan Grant

After searching online for months, and visiting many properties that only looked good in pictures, we finally found Mike’s website and sent him a list of what we were looking for. He narrowed our search down to three properties, each one perfect, and one especially so. Thanks for your help Mike!

Paul and Rosanna

Thank you again for all your help with finding us the PERFECT cottage. We really appreciate all the time you took with us, and all your advice was very much appreciated as well, thank you, we love it here!!

Sharon and Bob Bergman


Mike Swick was our realty agent for the purchase of a cottage property in the fall of 2010. As this was our first cottage, we looked to Mike for guidance and advice on all aspects of the purchase. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about the entire real estate transaction, he was a wealth of knowledge about the area, cottage market value and property attributes. Mike quickly became a trusted partner in all aspects of this purchase. He was honest, up front and always accessible for our multitude of questions from start to finish. If we were to make any further real estate transactions in cottage country, we would not hesitate to call Mike and would whole heartedly recommend his real estate services.

Graeme and Penny Davis.
Barrie, Ontario

We bought our first and only cottage using Mike Swick as our realtor. We found him to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. More importantly we found Mike to be so very helpful when we ran into difficulties with the vendor; he was there for us and it made all the difference to us. We are happy for Mike in his new venue and wish him much success.

Toba and Leonard Weinstein

Mike is a wonderful real estate agent we were lucky to find. He communicated with us via telephone and email, keeping us informed of any new listings that might meet our criteria for a cottage. Mike was reliable, and honest in his conversations with us. We trusted what he told us, as he showed us various properties that were on the market. He was patient with our questions and answered them as if we were a family member he was looking out for. In the end we found the perfect cottage, with Mike’s help, and are now enjoying the place immensely. Thanks Mike for helping us make our dreams come true!

Petra and Bruce

Mike made it happen. He made our dreams a reality. We found his listing on the internet for an island that was just perfect for us. My husband and I found Mike to be approachable, friendly and very honest. He worked out all the details seamlessly and got us our dream island for below asking. It was a pleasure dealing with Mike; always reachable and ready to answer questions or find out answers if he didn’t have one at that moment. After all was said and done, he brought us such a thoughtful gift at the opening of our first season on Georgian Bay. We recommend his services highly.”
Laura & Tom Teed


We were looking at vacation properties online and contacted several Realtors. Mike was the only one that replied promptly and followed up with listings. He was professional and personable. He gave us advice and helped educate us on the challenges ahead and what was realistic within our budget. Unsure of what we wanted, (cottage or vacant lot, seasonal or year round) Mike showed us a wide variety of properties and patiently explained the pros and cons of each. Mike’s knowledge on the lakes in the area was a valuable asset. He educated us on wells and septic systems as well as the unique building styles in cottage country. Mike was patient dealing with family members of all ages. Ultimately Mike said “I just want to show you this lake, I think it suits you”. He was right, it was there that we found the property we purchased. Thanks Mike.
Kim and Rick


In July of 2011 my husband and I began a search for a summer property. The wish list was broad from 2 perspectives: location and style. The choices were farm, close to Toronto or cottage further away; opposite ends of the scale! Mike was very courteous, he understood the initial difficulty we faced attempting to narrow down our choices. Within one month Mike Swick expertly handled the search and was very capable handling the subsequent purchase negotiation on our behalf.



Mike Swick was absolutely invaluable to us in finding the right property. He was patient, thoughtful and knowledgeable. He really went above and beyond what we would have expected from a real estate agent. There was no question that he had our best interests in mind during the process. I would highly recommend Mike.

D’Arcy McGoey

We were very pleased to have Mike as our agent. He was very knowledgeable about the business and the area where we wanted to buy our property. He was able to answer any questions we had, and his turnaround time was great. We value his personalized approach, dedication and transparency. He even came to visit us on closing day to make sure that everything went well, and to our surprise he also brought a welcoming gift. He just made everything easy for us and we would highly recommend him to family and friends.

Kamel, Toronto Ontario

We would wholeheartedly recommend Mike Swick as a real estate agent. Mike was instrumental in helping us find and purchase our family cottage on Georgian Bay. We felt that Mike was very professional and ethical, always had our best interests in mind. He was ultimately motivated by finding us a place we would all truly love! He worked collaboratively and tirelessly with us for 4 years, showing us over 40 properties and patiently guiding us to discover what we really wanted and a property that would meet our family’s current and future needs. He willingly shared his extensive knowledge, expertise and resources and demonstrated warmth, honesty, integrity and respect in all his interactions with us, sellers and their agents. Mike made the journey enjoyable, and the end result is a cottage that we treasure and enjoy immensely. Thank you Mike!

Mary and Paul Kita

I had originally contacted Mike Swick because my other agent was not responding. Mike answered all my questions promptly. He asked the right questions to assess my requirements. He did his research and called back with an opportunity that soon became our dream property.
He acted quickly, made the requested calls and offered suggestions that ended up saving us thousands on the closing. Without hesitation I would recommend Mike Swick.
Thank you Mike.

Martin O’Leary

Mike Swick is a very hard-working real estate professional who is well tuned in to his clients’ needs. He was very resourceful and diligent in supporting our search for the perfect cottage. Over the course of time he helped us define exactly what we wanted since we changed our mind many times. Before the closing of our transaction, he made us aware of certain legalities to deal with and which could have had an adverse effect. It was a pleasure dealing with Mike as he made our cottage search so much easier.

Eva and Michael Baker,

We initially contacted Mike 2 years ago looking to rent a cottage. After some back & forth emails, we decided to look for a cottage of our own. For 2 years Mike tirelessly sent us listings that fell within our parameters. He never once made us feel obligated or pressured. We quite possibly may have been his pickiest customers but in the end he helped us find exactly what we were looking for and the deal closed in 3 weeks. We look forward to many years at our cottage and would welcome Mike to visit as a friend. He is a pleasure to work with and a true professional. We would not hesitate to recommend him to family & friends.

Thanks Mike!.

Laura & Derek Smith

Mike acted for me on the purchase and subsequent sale of a property; I have also been involved in a number of other real estate transactions with other agents. Mike is professional, knowledgeable and, most importantly, ethical. He looked out for my interests and did the right thing even when it was the hard thing to do, and that was a pleasant surprise. Selling or buying a home is a huge deal and you need someone you can trust. Bottom line: you can trust Mike.

Mark Hudson
President | Guardian-Call.com

After selling our summer residence south of the border my wife and I decided to start looking north for a new all season family cottage. The best place to start when you have no idea where to look is of course the internet. We navigated to a real estate portal site that covers most of the Muskoka area to get a idea of the price range we would be interested in. As luck would have it we randomly contacted Mr. Mike Swick. We gave him our criteria for a cottage and he then had the electronic search engine send us all the listings that fell into our specifications for a northern cottage. After filtering through this automated program for about three months and occasionally contacting Mike for more information on specific properties, we came up with enough potential cottages to justify a weekend up north.

We had never met Mike Swick before but quickly discovered that he knows his way around the north like no one else. He organized a route of cottage views that was both fun and very efficient. Never did he push us towards anything we did not like. He let us decide if we liked the property and never once tried to convince us otherwise……..we felt no pressure. He was like the captain of a ship: he took us to the ports, gave us as much history and information about the property as he could, and left all the rest up to us. There was no realtor pressure to buy or typical realtor statements such as: “it’s an easy fix.” It was enjoyable and very informative. After one weekend, we had a good idea what we liked and could afford. Then, after two more full separate days of northern cottage inspections, we made an offer on a cottage which did not work out. Mike did not give up! Before we knew it we had found another place where our offer was accepted. We’re moved in and very happy. No regrets! We are so greatful for all Mike’s help, patience and expertise. From the very begining he wanted to make sure that we found the cottage of our dreams and he hung in there until we found it. Thanks again Mike and your welcome to the north, thank you gift looks great in the cottage. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to purchase “that special place” in the north. Do not change your style!


I had the pleasure of meeting Mike for the first time a few years back when we were first looking to buy a cottage up north. The problem we presented Mike was that it was a group of us that wanted to purchase one cottage. As we all had different ideas, price ranges, expectations etc of what and where a cottage should be, this was no easy task for Mike to undertake. After we tried to give him some sort of idea of what we were looking for, he managed to show us several cottages that he thought we may like with very extensive details of the lakes and surrounding amenities. It wasn’t very long before he showed us a cottage on beautiful Kapikog Lake that we all agreed was the place for us. Having an agent with a vast knowledge of the area with people from the city was very helpful to all of us and I would highly recommend him for his thoroughness, knowledge and diligence he put forth for us.

Rob Balash.


I would like to personally thank you for your hard work in helping me find the cottage of my dreams. Your honesty and down to earth approach made me feel very confident that you had my best interest in mind. On more than one occasion you drove me to areas of lesser interest just to educate me and point out the pros and cons of the property. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a place to call home!

Cheers, Paul

Mike provided invaluable advice and guidance in helping us buy the cottage of our dreams. His integrity and creativity was unparalleled to anything I have experienced in 30 years of real estate dealings. His strategic approach resulted in us not only closing the deal in record time, but also saved us more than $7,000. It was great having him in our corner. Thank you Mike!


We appreciated your direct approach and your willingness to show us several alternative properties in the area. It helped make our decision to purchase easier when we found the right one, knowing it compared very favorably with all the others. We are not at the building point yet, but are starting to investigate our options.
Thanks again for your help Mike.
Joanne & David

We were new to the area so most of the information we had was found on-line or second-hand. Mike was very patient and spent the day informing us about the pros and cons of the different lakes in the area to help us narrow down our search. Once we knew the areas/lakes we were interested in Mike took us to view various properties and allowed us to form our own impressions of the property. He was very patient, gave us objective input and provided us with lots of information known only by local residents. Once we had made our choice Mike was instrumental during the negotiation process. I would highly recommend Mike to any potential clients! Thanks Mike!

Jamie and Lise

Our dealings with Mike Swick over the purchase of our cottage in 2008 were excellent. We had been in the general market for over a year and Mike patiently worked with us to find the right spot and place for us. His approach and knowledge helped us tremendously. Thanks Mike.
Best Regards,

Leo Desautels


We had originally contacted Mike Swick . We would strongly recommend Mike Swick as a real estate agent.
This is our first cottage we looked to Mike for guidance and advice. He was guiding us to discover what we really wanted. We found Mike to be so very professional and helpful, he was there for us and made all the difference to us. We wish him much success in the future. Thanks Mike for helping us make our dream come true !
Josephina and Stan



To Whom It May Concern:
I wish to commend the expert advice that I recently was given by my Realtor Mike Swick. He is a fantastic hard working person who went out of his way to please and satisfy us.

I met Mike several months ago when I went online looking for Cottages for sale in Parry Sound. I had signed a contract with another Realtor and by law had to wait out the 3 months until I could engage Mike. He and I had been chatting and researching to find a cottage and it wasn’t easy as we had a long wish list. I had already lost 3 cottages that we put offers in on but since most of them are resting for the winter, they hadn’t found anything for us.

Mike kept sending me listings and we would comment on our likes and dislikes and he was able to give us answers to all of our questions. He was even able to deter us from buying on certain Lakes. Together we worked hard as my Dad had taught me to know my market. I hunted over a year and finally we found one in a little higher price range which was alright as we wanted a turnkey cottage.

Mike met with us and had us fill out our own likes and dislikes to see exactly what each of us wanted. I decided one I really wanted to see and as of yesterday it is ours. We couldn’t be more pleased and would again use Mike’s services if needed. I highly recommend him as he is willing to travel to meet you wherever you want to look. He sent us a very nice Home Inspector and a nice Lawyer.

I am thrilled with our purchase and can’t wait until the spring to start making a new northern home, where the air is fresh, the pace is slower and people are friendlier. “Yours to discover” “Our true North Strong and Free”

Thank you so much Mike,
Wolfe and Carol